I’ve seen a lot of similarities between this new book and “The Woman Warrior,” especially as compared to “Dogeaters.”

As I was reading “The Gangster We are all Looking for” today, I was noticing how Ma differs from Brave Orchid. Brave Orchid clung onto the old Chinese traditions like they were the only thing keeping her afloat. Ma, however, is eager to embrace American ways. She cuts her long hair short, to look “modern.” She enjoys going to the Chinese movie theater to watch the martial arts flicks with her daughter. Also, while Brave Orchid would make up answers whenever her daughter would ask a question, there are a lot of times where Ma just tells her daughter to be quiet. Ba and Ma seem to have much more of a relationship than Kingston’s parents, albeit much more tumultuous. What crazy fights they have!

Both women share a longing for their homes though, waiting across the Pacific Ocean.