Doing this Writing Event was very interesting because it forced me to examine my own culture and the stereotypes and assumptions we hold about those around us. It kind of surprised me how easily ideas came to me though. It showed me that even though literal colonialism is almost gone from the world, its ideas stubbornly persist.

Mainly, I’m talking about how it establishes binary relationships (“Us” and “Them”), and how commonplace those are, even within the same “race.” I mean, that’s completely how we define ourselves. If we’re not “black” or “Asian,” then we’re “preppy” or “goth,” and each of those labels carries connotations. I’m sure that other cultures have similar practices, and I just notice it here because it’s where I’m located. Or, maybe it’s just more common in the US because of the variety of people in the country. I just find it kind of scary that we consider ourselves to be a very advanced while we continue to hold views from the times which we’re supposed to have advanced from.